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Case Study: Leeds Arena

One of our most visually impressive projects, Leeds Arena is a new £60 million development located in the Northern Quarter of Leeds. Operated by SMG Europe, it features Sotech’s back-lit perforated panels in a honeycomb-esque external façade above the main entrance, using a series of geometric layers punctured with hexagonal tinted glass. Arranged to almost give the feel of an insect’s eye, the panels use a kaleidoscope of constantly changing colours to bring the Leeds skyline to life.

The arena was designed by Populous Architects and installed by Lakesmere Ltd, and is considered the first ‘fan-shaped’ arena in the whole of the UK. Reaching 35m in height, this giant, futuristic structure also features an exterior of aluminium shingles in gradient shades of mint green and brown. Using a sophisticated cluster tool, we were able to punch a number of 9mm perforations simultaneously across a wide range of shapes and size of aluminium panels.

With a capacity of 13,000, this huge arena is set to become the entertainment hub of Leeds, and creates a visual spectacle that is surely an example of the cities of our future.

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