Apolic A2 ACM

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aluminium and metal composite materials, ALPOLIC® Materials are high-quality aluminium and metal composite sheets.

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  • MM389 Brushed Aluminium Light G15
    MM389 Brushed Aluminium Light (G15)
  • MM388 Brushed Aluminium Medium G15
    MM388 Brushed Aluminium Medium (G15)
  • MM391 Aluminium Sand Finish G30
    MM391 Aluminium Sand Finish (G30)
  • MM390 Processed Bronze G15
    MM390 Processed Bronze (G15)
  • MM387 Patina Copper G15
    MM387 Patina Copper (G15)
  • MA433 Beton Light G15
    MA433 Beton Light (G15)
  • MA434 Beton Dark
    MA434 Beton Dark (G15)
  • MA434 Beton Dark (G15)
    MA434 Beton Dark (G15)
  • MA436 Brown Leather G15
    MA436 Brown Leather (G15)
Solid Colours A (Standard)
  • M9010 White (G30)
    M9010 White (G30)
  • M7770 Off White - G30
    M7770 Off White (G30)
  • M7747 Castle White - G30
    M7747 Castle White (G30) 
  • M7774 Milk White - G30
    M7774 Milk White (G30)
  • M3911 Shell Tint - G30
    M3911 Shell Tint (G30)
  • M05556 Aluminium Gray - G30
    M05556 Aluminium Gray (G30)
  • M7776 Monotone Slate - G30
    M7776 Monotone Slate (G30)
  • M7991 Charcoal - G30
    M7991 Charcoal (G30)
  • MJ062 Black - G30
    MJ062 Black (G30)
  • M7814 Clay Pink - G30
    M7814 Clay Pink (G30)
  • M7815 Adobe Pink - G30
    M7815 Adobe Pink (G30)
  • MB023 Timber Brown - G30
    MB023 Timber Brown (G30)
  • MB055 Mist Gray - G30
    MB055 Mist Gray (G30)
Solid Colours B (Premium)
  • MB281 Cardinal Red
    MB281 Cardinal Red (G30)
  • MB117 Vermilion
    MB117 Vermilion (G30)
  • MBS09 Signal Red
    MBS09 Signal Red (G30)
  • MB126 Apple Red
    MB126 Apple Red (G30)
  • MB022 Clay Brown
    MB022 Clay Brown (G30)
  • MB065 Burgundy
    MB065 Burgundy (G30)
  • M7798 Maroon
    M7798 Maroon (G30)
  • MB033 Wine Red
    MB033 Wine Red (G30)
  • MB058 Mandarin Orange
    MB058 Mandarin Orange (G30)
  • MBS08 Golden Yellow
    MBS08 Golden Yellow (G30)
  • MBS16 Pale Green
    MBS16 Pale Green (G30)
  • MBS17 Yellow Green
    MBS17 Yellow Green (G30)
  • MBS18 Budding Green
    MBS18 Budding Green (G30)
  • MBO50 Green
    MBO50 Green (G30)
  • MBS01 Turquoise Green
    MBS01 Turquoise Green (G30)
  • MBS02 Aqua Green
    MBS02 Aqua Green (G30)
  • M7743 Moss Green
    M7743 Moss Green (G30)
  • MBS10 Deep Verdant
    MBS10 Deep Verdant (G30)
  • MBS04 Sky Blue
    MBS04 Sky Blue (G30)
  • M7748 Ocean Blue
    M7748 Ocean Blue (G30)
  • M7800 Flemish Blue
    M7800 Flemish Blue (G30)
  • M7787 Blue
    M7787 Blue (G30)
  • M7797 Union Blue
    M7797 Union Blue (G30)
Alpolic Metallic Colours - (Standard)
  • M9177 Champagne Metallic
    M9177 Champagne Metallic
  • M7969 Champagne Gold Metallic
    M7969 Champagne Gold Metallic
  • M7796 Silver White Metallic
    M7796 Silver White Metallic
  • M7723 Silver Gray Metallic
    M7723 Silver Gray Metallic
  • M7788 Stainless Steel Metallic
    M7788 Stainless Steel Metallic
  • MB080 Medium Gray Metallic
    MB080 Medium Gray Metallic
  • Mb106 Dark Gray Metallic
    Mb106 Dark Gray Metallic
  • MB056 Red Wood Metallic
    MB056 Red Wood Metallic
  • M7790 Copper Metallic
    M7790 Copper Metallic
  • M7744 Pale Copper Metallic
    M7744 Pale Copper Metallic (G30)
  • MB542 Light Brown Metallic (G30)
  • MB540 Terracotta Metallic
    MB540 Terracotta Metallic (G30)
  • MBS07 Brown Metallic
    MBS07 Brown Metallic (G30)
  • M7817 Light Bronze Metallic
    M7817 Light Bronze Metallic (G30)
  • M9221 Medium Bronze Metallic
    M9221 Medium Bronze Metallic (G30)
  • M7813 Gold Metallic
    M7813 Gold Metallic (G30)
  • M7763 Green Metallic
    M7763 Green Metallic (G30)
  • M7822 Dark Green Metallic
    M7822 Dark Green Metallic (G30)
  • MBS05 Blue Metallic
    MBS05 Blue Metallic (G30)
  • MB032 Purple Metallic
    MB032 Purple Metallic (G30)
  • MB032 Purple Metallic
    MB032 Purple Metallic (G30)
Sparkling Colours A - Standard
  • MD046 Sparkling White
    MD046 Sparkling White (G80)
  • MD049 Sparkling Dark Gray
    MD049 Sparkling Dark Gray (G30)
  • MD048 Sparkling Gold
    MD048 Sparkling Gold (G80)
Sparkling Colour B - Premium
  • MD044 Sparkling Black
    MD044 Sparkling Black (G80)
  • MD045 Sparkling Gray
    MD045 Sparkling Gray (G80)
  • MD052 Sparkling Red
    MD052 Sparkling Red (G80)
  • MD050 Sparkling Light Blue
    MD050 Sparkling Light Blue (G80)
  • MD051 Sparkling Blue
    MD051 Sparkling Blue (G80)
Prismatic Colours A - Standard
  • ME005 Prismatic Snow - G80
    ME005 Prismatic Snow (G80)
  • ME013 Prismatic White - G80
    ME013 Prismatic White (G80)
  • Me0114 Prismatic Silver - G80
    ME0114 Prismatic Silver (G80)
  • ME010 Prismatic Champagne - G80
    ME010 Prismatic Champagne (G80)
  • ME009 Prismatic Gray
    ME009 Prismatic Gray (G80)
  • ME012 Prismatic Brown
    ME012 Prismatic Brown (G80)
  • ME011 Prismatic Tiger
    ME011 Prismatic Tiger (G80)
  • ME016 Prismatic Green
    ME016 Prismatic Green (G80)
  • ME007 Prismatic Black
    ME007 Prismatic Black (G80)
Prismatic Colours A - Standard
  • ME017 Prismatic Sky
    ME017 Prismatic Sky (G80)
  • ME006 Prismatic Gold
    ME006 Prismatic Gold (G80)
  • ME015 Prismatic Copper
    ME015 Prismatic Copper (G80)
  • ME008 Prismatic Violet
    ME008 Prismatic Violet (G80) 
Patterns (Standard)
  • MG1W Black Granite
    MG1W Black Granite (G80)
  • MG3W Red Granite G80
    MG3W Red Granite (G80)
  • MG4W Pink Granite G80
    MG4W Pink Granite (G80)
  • MG438 Yellow Granite G80
    MG438 Yellow Granite (G80)
  • MG396 Rusty Slate G15
    MG396 Rusty Slate (G15)
  • MG404 Travertine G15
    MG404 Travertine (G15)
  • MG386 Serpeggiante G15
    MG386 Serpeggiante (G15)
  • MG5W White Marble G80
    MG5W White Marble (G80)
  • MG428 Hellenic Solid Marble G80
    MG428 Hellenic Solid Marble (G80)
  • MG427 Blue Pearl Marble G80
    MG427 Blue Pearl Marble (G80)
  • MG394 Green Marble
    MG394 Green Marble (G80)
  • MT401 Maple G15
    MT401 Maple (G15)
  • MT402 Walnut G15
    MT402 Walnut (G15)
  • MT382 Mahogany G15
    MT382 Mahogany (G15)
  • MT407 Zeblock G15
    MT407 Zeblock (G15)
  • MT406 Oriental Cane G15
    MT406 Oriental Cane (G15)
  • MT429 Natural Oak G15
    MT429 Natural Oak (G15)
  • MT392 Black Larch G15
    MT392 Black Larch (G15)
  • MT431 White Larch G15
    MT431 White Larch (G15)
  • MT393 Beech G15
    MT393 Beech (G15)
  • MT405 Zebrawood G15
    MT405 Zebrawood (G15)
  • MT430 Dark Oak G15
    MT430 Dark Oak (G15)
  • MT432 Teak G15
    MT432 Teak (G15)

Testing / Warranty

Sotech’s commitment to authentic engineering capability has been witnessed over several years in the testing of products as they are being developed.


From the earliest Optima TFC designs tested at BRE, Garston for wind serviceability and safety, air permeability and water penetration for Erie Basin, Manchester project.

All certificates are available on request.

Speak to an expert

If you require advice with design detail, assistance with a specification or to discuss your project in detail contact our technical department who have over 35 years experience in the construction industry. The team is on hand to provide knowledge and support at every stage of your project.