Sotech’s Accreditations

At Sotech, we pride ourselves on providing expert advice, outstanding customer service and the highest quality of products to fit the budget and design of your project.

To ensure we provide our clients with the highest calibre of product and in the pursuit of excellence for our company, we extensively test our Optima rainscreen systems both in-house and via independent testing centres to attain industry leading accreditation.


Sotech 35 years in business


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From the earliest tests of our Optima TFC system at BRE through to the most recent large-scale testing of bespoke systems in Exova, Dubai, ‘safety’ has always been our primary concern, followed closely by outstanding design, flawless finishes and an end to end proactively managed production line.


Established in 1982, Sotech is a leading manufacturer of bespoke metal rainscreen cladding and architectural façade systems. When you choose us, you’re choosing a safe pair of hands.

Speak to an expert

If you require advice with design detail, assistance with a specification or to discuss your project in detail contact our technical department who have over 35 years experience in the construction industry. The team is on hand to provide knowledge and support at every stage of your project.

Further Information

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LPCB Red Book


Sotech Limited have recently gained approval to LPS 1581 issue 2 and LPS 1582 issue 1 for their Sotech Optima Rainscreen System which is listed in the LPCB Red Book and on the Red Book Live website.




The Red Book is a world renowned listing of independently certified products or company services, and is the essential reference for those responsible for the design, specification and purchase of fire and security products.


  • LPS 1581 Issue 2 specifies the fire test and approval requirements for non-load bearing External cladding systems such as rendered insulation, brick slips, rain screen panel or similar systems applied to the masonry face of a multi-story building.



  • LPS 1582 issue 1 specifies the fire test and approval requirements for non-load bearing External cladding systems, fixed to and supported by a structural steel frame.

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NBS Plus


The National Building Specification service (NBS) is predominantly a specification and information software service The NBS have produced specification products for over 30 years, including the recognised national standard specification system for the UK.


The software used ensures that specifications are written using the latest clauses and technical information to produce accurate specifications. Sotech’s products are approved and listed on the NBS specification system.




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Rainscreen Works


Rainscreen Work’s is not a registered organisation, but acts as a loose association of complementary manufacturing companies whose combined objective is to expand knowledge of rainscreen cladding principles to the wider UK construction industry. Each member is an acknowledged expert within their own particular field to whom other members can refer or guide specifies towards to assist with the development of project designs. Sotech are active members of Rainscreen Works




CWCT Approval


The Centre for Window and Cladding Technology (CWCT) is a leading information provider in the field of building envelopes and glazing. CWCT sets industry standards and provides guidance to its members and is based at the University of Bath.


All Optima rainscreen systems have been extensively and independently tested at the Vinci Technology Centre (formerly Taylor Woodrow) and have been accredited to the specific requirements of CWCT.



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BIM Store


Optima Rainscreen is BIM ready – Sotech as a manufacturer within the construction industry is striving to provide our clients with accurate digitised product information to help and support our customers and other stakeholders to drive BIM forward. Optima FC, TFC and XPC are now live on BIMstore.